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Compare all the major car hire brands including Avis, Hertz, Europcar, Sixt and Alamo and find the best prices for car hire in Bosnia. Car rental in Bosnia includes Theft Waiver (TW), Third Party Liability Insurance and Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) as well as unlimited mileage when you hire with us.



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Bosnia guide

Car rental Bosnia
Car hire Bosnia

Bosnia, a formerly war-torn country located in southern Eastern Europe has endured many years of war and strife since the fall of the Soviet Union and its strive for independence.  Today, Bosnia, more commonly known as Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a small country located on the eastern side of the Adriatic Sea. The country is bordered by Serbia to the east, Croatia to the north, and Montenegro to the southeast.  Bosnia is most known for its capital city of Sarajevo, host to the 1984 Winter Olympic Games.

Population and Language
Bosnia is a relatively small country, and compassing just over 50,000 square kilometers of land, and a mere ten square kilometers of water bodies. Her 20-kilometer long coastline is a popular destination for native Bosnians as well as international travelers, and her mountains and valleys are among the most beautiful in the region. 

The Bosnian people speak two official languages -- Bosnian and Croatian. Serbian dialects are also commonly spoken throughout the country. Bosnia is home to just under four million people, a majority of whom are Bosniak in origin, as well as large percentages of Serbs and Croats.

The main practiced religion in Bosnia is of the Muslim faith, followed by Orthodox and then Roman Catholic and Christian denominations.

Major Cities and Tourist Destinations
Sarajevo is Bosnia's capital city, home to nearly 400,000 inhabitants. Today, Bosnia is a popular destination for many wishing to get a glimpse of this formerly unknown and unexplored country in regards to tourism. The geography of the country offers numerous opportunities for both adventurers and those wishing to study the history, development and architecture of one of the oldest countries in southeastern Europe. Sarajevo offers nearly endless opportunities for visitors, including Old Town. Other popular destinations throughout Bosnia include:

  • Sutjeska National Park
  • Sunbathing along the Adriatic Sea in Dubrovnik, Zagreb and Split
  • Blagaj or Tekja monastery, constructed in the 16th century
  • The former Olympic slopes of Jahorina Mountain, which has the well-earned reputation of being the best ski resort in the region
  • The Kravica waterfalls
  • The medieval fortress at Kraljeva Sutjeska

Bosnia’s climate is as diverse as its people. The best times for travelers to visit Bosnia are during the months of May through October, as the weather is warm. Winters in Bosnia are brutal and cold, with wind and snow.

The main currency in Bosnia Herzegovina is the Bosnia Marka or BAM. Due to years of strife, Bosnia today still struggles with transitioning into the global economy market, and its GDP hovers at approximately U.S. $30 billion. Its labor force focused on services, then industry, and then agriculture. Bosnia’s industries rely heavily on export of metal ores, ammunition, and domestic appliances, while its agriculture is more evenly balanced between wheat crops, vegetable crops, and livestock. Bosnia export approximately U.S. $6 billion annually, mainly in clothing, metals, and wood, and imports approximately U.S. $11 billion a year, mainly in fuels, food, machinery and equipment.

Bosnia is home to several major airports, but the country also relies heavily on railways and roadways for transportation. Travelers in urban areas are able to access buses and taxis as well as car hires. Car hires are recommended as a way of traveling between the cities of Bosnia and outline rural areas, due to convenience. Major airports located in Bosnia include the Sarajevo International Airport in Sarajevo, the Tesla International Airport in Tesla, and the Banja Luka International Airport in Banja Luka.

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