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Car hire Colombia


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Compare all the major car hire brands including Avis, Hertz, Europcar, Sixt and Alamo and find the best prices for car hire in Colombia. Car rental in Colombia includes Theft Waiver (TW), Third Party Liability Insurance and Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) as well as unlimited mileage when you hire with us.



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Colombia guide

Car rental Colombia
Car hire Colombia

Columbia is located on the northwestern tip of South America, linked to Panama and bordering the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean on its western borders, and surrounded by Venezuela, Brazil, Peru and Ecuador to its northeast and southern borders. Colombia is most known for its coffee, its beautiful seaside resorts, and the Andes mountain range, which literally splits the country in half between Pasto and Cúcuta. 

Population and Language
Columbia’s official language is Spanish, populated by numerous ethnic groups in addition to native Colombians. Mestizo or mixture of Native American and Caucasian inhabitants make up the largest of ethnic groups, and Caucasian, mulatto, and mixtures of blacks, American Indians and native indigenous Indian populations make up the rest.

Colombia is inhabited by 45 million individuals in diverse environments from the busy activity in major cities to laid-back lifestyle enjoyed in more rural regions. Most of the population (nearly 75%), is clustered in urban areas, including Bogotá, with just over 8 million residents, and Medellin, with nearly 3.5 million residents, and Cali, with just over 2 million inhabitants.

The major religion practiced in Colombia is Roman Catholic.

Major Cities and Tourist Destinations
Colombia's capital city of Bogotá is one of the most populated in the country.  As a tourism destination, Bogotá offers architectural splendor, history, and some of the best food in the world.  Other popular cities in Colombia include Cartagena and Santa Marta, bordering the Caribbean, and Medellin, Buenaventura and Turbo, close to the Panama border. While in Colombia, visit:

  • Old Town in Cartegena
  • Former hacienda of Simón Bolívar at Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino in Santa Marta
  • Bogotá’s Plaza de Bolivar
  • The Fortress of Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas in Cartegena
  • Check out the snakes at the Serpentario Nacional Amero in Leticia

Colombia enjoys a variety of climates, from the mild temperatures along the Caribbean and North Pacific Ocean and warm and humid interior, although the foothills and the higher regions of the Andes mountain ranges offer cooler, less humid climate. Expect tropical weather along the coastlines and eastern plains of Colombia, and cooler temperatures in the higher country.

The main currency used in Colombia is the Colombian peso. Colombia enjoys a rather stable economy and GDP of approximately U.S. $470 billion. Colombia relies on its service industries, industrial manufacture and agriculture for its labor force. Colombia's main agricultural products include coffee, tobacco, bananas, and rice, while industries focus on food processing, clothing and footwear manufacturer, and mining. Colombia exports approximately U.S. $56 billion a year in coffee, bananas, coal and emeralds. The country imports approximately U.S. $50 billion a year in industrial equipment, consumer goods, paper products, and transportation equipment.

Getting around Colombia is relatively easy, with a number of paved airports, nearly 875 kilometers of railway, and cities enjoy the convenience of buses and taxis as well as car hires to get around. Car hire is a favored and recommended way of traveling throughout the cities and roadways and link Colombia's cities, as it gives individuals the ability to set their own timetable and sightseeing opportunities.

Major airports in Colombia include the José Maria Córdova International Airport in Medellín, the Santa Marta - Simón Bolívar International Airport in Santa Marta, the El Dorado international Airport in Bogotá  and the  Rafael Núñez International Airport in Cartagena.

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