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Compare all the major car hire brands including Avis, Hertz, Europcar, Sixt and Alamo and find the best prices for car hire in Egypt. Car rental in Egypt includes Theft Waiver (TW), Third Party Liability Insurance and Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) as well as unlimited mileage when you hire with us.



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Egypt guide

Car rental Egypt
Car hire Egypt

Egypt is located in northern Africa on the Mediterranean Sea. Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Red Sea are to the east of the country, Sudan to the south, Libya to the west, and Turkey is across the Mediterranean Sea to the North. It is well known for the Great Pyramids, mummies, and the Suez Canal.

Population and language:
In 2006, the population of Egypt was about 76 million. The country’s official language is Arabic, but Coptic, English, and French are also spoken. Around 90% of the population is Muslim, and 9% are Coptic. Its culture is predominately Arabic. In fact, Arabs make up 99% of the population. Other notable minorities are the Nubians and Bedouins.
Modesty is important in Egypt. Shoulders, knees, and everything between should be covered at a minimum. Also, open displays of affection are not well accepted.

Major cities and tourist destinations:
Cairo – The capital city has a population of about 9 million. It was founded in 969 ad, and has been the capital of Egypt since the Crusaders advance into the country in 1168 ad.  Be sure to visit the Egyptian Antiquities Museum because it contains more artifacts from ancient Egypt than any other museum in the world. Another important attraction is the Citadel, which was the seat of Egyptian power from the time of its establishment until the 19th century. For an interesting look into Egypt’s brand of Christianity, the Coptic Museum is filled with a huge collection of Coptic art, and the Hanging Church has beautifully painted screens and a marble pulpit.

Giza – The population of this city is about 2.7 million. It is famed for its Great Pyramids and Sphinx, which are the only wonders of the ancient world left standing today. Only 300 tickets are distributed to these attractions each day, so arrive early.

Alexandria– This city, with a population of 4 million, was the center of culture when Greece ruled Egypt. The Bibliotheca Alexandrina is a modern replacement for the famous Library at Alexandria. Also interesting is that Fort Qayt Bay was built over the ruins of the famed Pharos Lighthouse, the second ancient wonder that Egypt held.

Aswan – Aswan has a population of about 51,000 and is the site of the famed dam, which caused several monuments to be moved because of the flooding it created. The Nubian Museum on the east bank seeks to preserve the Nubian culture that flourished in the South. On the west bank, Saint Simeon’s Monastery is a large, well-designed, Coptic Monastery.

The Karnak Temples – These temples are located near Luxor. Although they are famed as the largest ancient religious site in the world today, they also provide beautiful photos at sunset.

Suez – This is the site of the famed canal and has a population of about 500,000. To visit, you will need to take a toll tunnel under the canals. When arranging your caravan at the tourism office, keep in mind that the tunnel closes at night. After visiting the canals, you can see the Port Sa’id National Museum, which covers the extensive history of Egypt. You can also make a stop at the monasteries of St. Anthony and St. Paul. Both are located on the peninsula, but you can only visit them if you have hired a car.

Siwa Oasis and the White Desert – There are several oases and deserts in Egypt. The Siwa Oasis is unique because you are able to purchase authentic Berber goods here. The White Desert, also in the western Egyptian desert, is a great place to explore the interesting chalk formations and to watch the desert bloom at sunset.

Egypt has a desert climate. There are only two seasons – summer, which is hot and lasts from May to October, and winter, which lasts from November to April and is mild and cool. The 7” of annual rainfall only occurs during the winter months.

Since Upper Egypt is closer to the equator it is hotter. Temperatures in Aswan (in the south) average 34°C in the summer and 17°C in the winter. In comparison, Alexandria (in the north) averages 26°C in the summer and 15°C in the winter.
Egypt experiences dust storms (khamaseen) from March to May. Be prepared for them if you travel during this time.

The GDP of Egypt was about 230 billion (USD) in 2011. The national currency is the Egyptian pound. Service, especially tourism, accounts for 49% of the economy. Manufacturing, mining, and agriculture are also important to Egypt. Each year, Egypt imports refined oil, telephones, cars and parts, turbo jets, and scrap iron. It exports cotton, food, unrefined oil and petroleum products, and metal.

Cairo International Airport is the main international airport. Other major airports are Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport, Luxor International Airport, and Hurghada.

The only intracity Metro/ Underground in the country is in Cairo, but it is not extensive. There is also an intercity train that runs from Aswan to Alexandria, but you need to buy tickets for it in advance of your voyage. Tourists may be forced to purchase first-class tickets on any train.

The roads in Egypt are well paved, and signs are in both Arabic and English. Petrol stations and rest areas are plentiful. Traveling by car between towns will allow you the unique opportunity of traveling by convoy. You can easily arrange to do this at the local tourism office.

Taxi rates vary based on the colour of the taxi and how well you are able to haggle with the driver.
Private buses are dangerous. You should not use these. Local public buses have the unpleasant experience of being air conditioned to the point of freezing, having loud video playing in the background, and/ or having poor drivers at the wheel.

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