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Compare all the major car hire brands including Avis, Hertz, Europcar, Sixt and Alamo and find the best prices for car hire in Hungary. Car rental in Hungary includes Theft Waiver (TW), Third Party Liability Insurance and Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) as well as unlimited mileage when you hire with us.

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Hungary guide

Car rental Hungary
Car hire Hungary

Hungary is located in the center of Europe. It is bounded by Austria and Slovenia in the west, Slovakia and Ukraine in the north, Romania in the east, and Croatia and Serbia and Montenegro in the south. It is most well known for its paprika, porcelain, the Rubik’s cube, and goulash.

It is normal for women to be topless in summer and public displays of affection are commonplace. However, talking about money is considered tactless.

Population and language:
The 2011 census counted the population at almost 10 million. The official language is Magyar (Hungarian). If you would like to learn it, you can chose one of several 1–2 week immersion courses offered by the universities for tourists. German and English are also widely spoken by Hungarians. Ethnically, 92% of the population is Hungarian, and 2–8% are Rome (Gypsies). There is also a significant population of Germans, Slavs, and Romanians.

When it comes to religion, 52% of the population identifies with Roman Catholicism, and 16% consider themselves Calvinist (Reformed). There are also other Christian denominations, including Greek Orthodox and Lutheran, as well as a Jewish population.

Major cities and tourist destinations:
Budapest – The capital city has a population of about almost 2 million people. The area was first settled by the Celts prior to 1 ad. In 1873, the cities of Obuda, Buda, and Pest combined into what is now known as Budapest. The Royal Palace is the home of two museums: the Hungarian National Gallery and the Budapest History Museum. The House of Terror gives a glimpse into the AVH (Hungarian Secret Police) and their uncouth methods of extracting information. The Buda Castle Labyrinth is located under the castle district and has several caves for you to explore, while the Ethnography Museum provides you with a glimpse into Hungarian life. A little southwest of the city is the Memento Park. This monument to communism in Hungary is filled with the statues the Hungarians brought down with the fall of the Iron Curtain.

Debrecen – Debrecen has a population of a little more than 200,000. The Great Church is the largest protestant church in Hungary and where the declaration of independence from Austria was signed. You can view the Deri Museum’s exhibits to gain insight into Hungarian life on the plains. Also, visit the Timarhaz, a center for folk arts and crafts where you can watch carvers, embroiderers, weavers, and other craftsmen do their work.

Szeged – In this city with a population of 170,000, you can view a monument dedicated to the man who saved it:: Pal Vasarhelyi. At the National Pantheon you can see statues of famed men from Hungarian history along with descriptions of their contributions to the nation. The Ferenc Mora Museum displays ethnic and cultural exhibits, while the Castle Museum allows you to explore a ruined castle that was taken down by the last flood to destroy the city.

Miskolc – Miskolc, population of about 170,000, is called the city of churches. There are several beautiful ones to visit with a variety of architectural styles. You should also see the Castle of Diosgyor and mint your own commemorative coin. For those interested in the Neolithic age and some of the local minerals, you can check out the Otto Herman Museum.

Pecs – Pecs, population about 160,000, is home to the Janus Pannonius Archaeology Museum, which displays artifacts from the county pre-Arpad. Nearby you will find an early Christian tomb and two Roman tombs. The Modern Hungarian Art Museum exhibits art from the 1850s to present day. Also interesting, are the Zsolnay Porcelain Museum and the Marzipan Museum where you can learn to make your own treat.

Siklos Castle – This is a castle was built upon 13th century foundations and contains glimpses of history since then. Inside you will find a castle museum, prison cells, and even graffiti from the time when the Soviets ruled in the 1970s.

Lake Balaton – This is the largest lake in central Europe. Festetics Palace (Keszthely) built in 1745, the Thermal Lake (Heviz), and Sumeg Castle (Sumeg) are all interesting stops along the shores between sunbathing sessions.

The climate in Hungary is temperate with warm, humid summers and cold, damp, cloudy winters that sometimes get snow. In August temperatures average 26°C, and in January expect temperatures around -4°C. There is an average of 25 inches of rainfall each year, but most of this occurs in November, April, and May.

Hungary is making a transition into the EU and, as a result, is shifting from the use of Hungarian forints to the euro (€). Its GDP is nearly 200 billion (USD). It imports manufactured goods, light machinery, transportation equipment, and fuel. Bauxite, coal, natural gas, chemicals, heavy machinery, food, and livestock are all major exports.

The five international airports that serve Hungary are the Budapest Liszt Ferenc, the Debrecen, the Sarmellek (or FlyBlalaton), the Gyor-Per, and the Pecs-Pogany.

The roads are good to excellent in Hungary. Driving makes it easy to visit the interesting but less touristy areas. Headlights are required at all times.

Trains are not luxurious, expect passable at best. Trains are all routed through Budapest.
The buses offer more extensive coverage than the train, but schedules can be confusing. Sometimes the times posted on the board are incorrect. The Metro/ Underground only operates in Budapest.

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